La responsabilidad que versa sobre la obligacion de embalaje de la mercancia


Importance of packaging in the national and international transport of goods

The main function of packaging is to protect and consolidate products for shipment, handling, loading, unloading, and transportation, both domestically and internationally, as well as for storage in warehouses or storage facilities.

Initially, it is the responsibility of the SHIPPER to ensure that the goods are properly packaged and labeled in accordance with the export regulations of the country of origin and the nature of the product. This includes providing detailed information on special handling conditions, thus ensuring their protection throughout the transportation process until they reach the destination country. This obligation must be fulfilled before the cargo is handed over for transport.

Impact of poor packaging on the liability of the sender or recipient

However, if it is the RECEIVER who contracts the transportation, they assume the responsibility of delivering the goods properly packaged and labeled for transport. Otherwise, the carrier and/or international freight forwarder must record the packaging status in the transportation documentation (such as the bill of lading or air waybill).

Therefore, any damage caused to the merchandise due to inadequate packaging will be the direct responsibility of the shipper or the receiver, as appropriate. However, if the carrier fails to note any irregularities in the packaging upon receiving the merchandise and transports it anyway, they will be legally liable for any damage suffered by the merchandise during transportation.

Optimizing Packaging: Guarantee of Integrity in International Transport

In conclusion, it is essential that both the shipper and the receiver ensure that the goods are properly packaged and labeled for transport. If this responsibility is delegated to the international freight forwarder, the latter will assume responsibility for any loss or damage to the merchandise. Therefore, detailed and precise instructions on packaging and special conditions must be clearly provided in the service orders issued to the international freight forwarder, thus ensuring safe and smooth transportation of the merchandise.

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Prepared by: Verónica Patrón

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